About Us

Buy Marijuana Kush OnlineWe are a group of cannabis enthusiasts who are big-time cheefers and who adore writing about cannabis and its related equipment. Since we live in the state where the recreational use is not banned, we can write openly about any topic that is related to cannabis. That is how we started this website – we wanted to speak about the equipment that is used for consuming, storing and processing of cannabis. In the beginning, it was not so easy due to many law restrictions that were upon our heads. Now, the time has changed.

Now we offer full and professional reviews for smoking equipment, grinders, papers and even different strains. As big-time cannabis connoisseurs, we stay up to date with all the latest news from cannabis industry. We will post regularly and update you with cannabis-related articles, reviews and useful tips that can improve your smoking experience and make things better and safer.

We are open to any kind of questions and suggestions – from indoor growing tips to the review for the latest vaporizer. We tend to cover every single topic that could be interesting to cannabis fans. Stay up in the smoke and keep reading our website!