Best vaporizer pen for weed and wax

Also known as wax vaporizers, weed pens and dab pens, vape pens are similar but different from dry herb vaporizers. Vaporizers are a bit more complex whereas vape pens consist of two simple parts, a coil or tank and a battery. As simple as that. It all depends on your needs, but vape pens vary in quality and they offer good but different vaping experiences.

Such pens have become largely popular among all types of people because vaping is so much better than smoking. Vaping preserves your health while giving you the most out of your weed. Vape pens are very practical, making wax and weed extremely enjoyable.

They heat quickly and are cheap. It doesn’t matter if you are new to vaping or an experienced professional, almost any vape pen will work for you just fine. then again, if you really want to start with something good, KandyPens PRISM might be just the thing you are looking for.

Compatible with any type of concentrates such as wax, dab or shutter, this vape pen will provide you with the vaping experience worthy of your effort, time and money. You will be able to enjoy to the maximum while getting the best flavor, taste and pull that you can possibly imagine.

Useful features

You can choose between two amazing coils, Ceramic or Quartz, it comes with a minimal draw resistance and a fine quality glass mouthpiece will make sure that you vape with style and class.

Vape penIf you decide to go with the Quartz coil, you will get the finest quality vapor in large amounts but if you choose to go with the Ceramic coil, you will get a chance to enjoy the ultimate vapor quality and flavor. There is a good reason why KandyPens PRISM has been nominated as the best vape pen of 2018. People simply love it because it gives them exactly what they need. The most recommended thing to do would be to take both coils and switch in between them to make sure which one gives you the best vaping experience.

Whether you are into vapor amount or you fancy flavor quality over quantity, you simply can’t go wrong with PRISM. Basically, it all depends on your needs. Wax or weed, always get the best of your THC and getting a vape pen will help you to do just that, make every vaping experience the best ever. When it comes to best vape pens for weed, PRISM is your choice number one.

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