Best vaporizer pen for weed and wax

Best vaporizer pen for weed and wax

Also known as wax vaporizers, weed pens and dab pens, vape pens are similar but different from dry herb vaporizers. Vaporizers are a bit more complex whereas vape pens consist of two simple parts, a coil or tank and a battery. As simple as that. It all depends on your needs, but vape pens vary in quality and they offer good but different vaping experiences.

Such pens have become largely popular among all types of people because vaping is so much better than smoking. Vaping preserves your health while giving you the most out of your weed. Vape pens are very practical, making wax and weed extremely enjoyable.

They heat quickly and are cheap. It doesn’t matter if you are new to vaping or an experienced professional, almost any vape pen will work for you just fine. then again, if you really want to start with something good, KandyPens PRISM might be just the thing you are looking for.

Compatible with any type of concentrates such as wax, dab or shutter, this vape pen will provide you with the vaping experience worthy of your effort, time and money. You will be able to enjoy to the maximum while getting the best flavor, taste and pull that you can possibly imagine.

Useful features

You can choose between two amazing coils, Ceramic or Quartz, it comes with a minimal draw resistance and a fine quality glass mouthpiece will make sure that you vape with style and class.

Vape penIf you decide to go with the Quartz coil, you will get the finest quality vapor in large amounts but if you choose to go with the Ceramic coil, you will get a chance to enjoy the ultimate vapor quality and flavor. There is a good reason why KandyPens PRISM has been nominated as the best vape pen of 2018. People simply love it because it gives them exactly what they need. The most recommended thing to do would be to take both coils and switch in between them to make sure which one gives you the best vaping experience.

Whether you are into vapor amount or you fancy flavor quality over quantity, you simply can’t go wrong with PRISM. Basically, it all depends on your needs. Wax or weed, always get the best of your THC and getting a vape pen will help you to do just that, make every vaping experience the best ever. When it comes to best vape pens for weed, PRISM is your choice number one.

How to make pot oil for vaporizer

How to make pot oil for vaporizer

A lot of stoners are getting into pot oil simply because it provides a much better experience while giving numerous health benefits on top of everything. With this in mind, many of them are interested in finding out how to make their own pot oil that they can use with their vaporizer for the finest and highest quality vaping experience.

Well, making your own vape juice is interesting and fun while you are ensuring that you get the best oil quality that you possibly can. Pot oil is known to be costly and expensive and also hard to find. All that becomes completely irrelevant when you take the fact that it is absolutely worth it. So, if you are interested in getting the best vape pleasure ever, here is how to make your own pot oil. The quality of the necessary ingredients is of the utmost importance.

You will need a baking sheet of aluminum foil, high proof grain alcohol, propylene glycol, a large boiling pot, mason jars large enough, cheese cloth and of course the highest quality bud you can provide. Make sure that you wear rubber gloves because the process could harm your skin. Chop your buds equally and evenly.

The steps of the process

You need to decarboxylate the weed and you can do that by putting the ground weed in the bowl and then putting it in the oven at 250 degrees F for about 15 minutes. If you don’t have the bowl, use a baking sheet or aluminum foil to do the same. Take out the crispy weed and put it in the mason jar. Pour the alcohol in and make sure that the weed is submerged in it.

Add some water to the pot and then place the jar Pot Oilinside the pot directly. You need to boil the water while constantly stirring the bud. Boil it to a low boil because it will make the excess alcohol evaporate. Once the buds get dark, turn off the stove and remove the pot for cooling. Use the cheese cloth for filtering out plant fibers from the newly boiled oil.

Here is where you will need a second mason jar because you will place the cheese cloth over the top of it and then pour the boiled bud into the fresh jar. If your buds are all wet and saturated, you are doing it right. Wrap them in a cloth and squeeze as hard as you can to make sure you get each and every single drop out of it. Take the jar and put it back inside the pot and add Propylene glycol. Use a syringe to remove the liquid. Take your vaporizer for pot and enjoy.

How to Make a Dry Herb Vaporizer

How to Make a Dry Herb Vaporizer

There are many ways to make a dry herb vaporizer. As of late, many stoners have been into how to make their own homemade vaporizers simply because vaping is much better than smoking, not to mention that it is much healthier as well. Instead of buying a vaping pen, you can easily make a dry herb vaporizer on your own. The reason for doing this can be the most obvious one.

Homemade Dry Herb VaporizerVaporizers tend to be pretty expensive so if you are not into wasting your money, you can save your cash by making your very own dry herb vaporizer. It will be fun and a real challenge but once you go through it, you can share that experience with your friends. Before you begin, you will need to prepare dry herb vaporizer parts that you will need during the assembling process.

You will need a duct tape, a knife, something tubical like a tube or a pen or a straw, a bottle cap and a light bulb. Once you acquire those parts, you can move on to the vaporizer assembly part. Cut off the tip of the lightbulb using a knife and make sure that you do it gently to avoid breaking the glass and cutting yourself. Once you get done with it, remove the lightbulb filament and glass parts, if there are any.

Quick and easy way to make a diy vaporizer

The lightbulb needs to be empty inside completely. Take a tubing, cut off the top for the increased airflow and take a bottle cap. Make a hole wide enough to put the tubing through it. You will use this tube for the inhalation but you need to make one more for the ventilation as well. In order for the vaping experience to go smoothly, you need to provide a carb for the air exchange.

For the first time, don’t overfill the cap with weed but rather pack a little one just for testing. It is very important to make sure that the weed is finely and evenly ground. The best thing to do is use a weed grinder for the finest dry herb powder that provides the best vaping experience. Put a lightbulb close to a consistent flame and start vaping with style. It is also important that you move the lightbulb while heating to prevent the weed from burning.

How to vape weed with a mod

How to vape weed with a mod

In case that you didn’t know, it is absolutely possible to use your vape mod for vaping weed and the results are more than good. You can use a mod for vaping both wax and solids. Any mod that supports temperature control will fit just fine for the task. The only thing that you will be needing for vaping with a mod is a specialized wax and dry herb atomizer. Take the mod connector and screw the atomizer on it.

Although the experience won’t be optimal simply because the atomizer is not that advanced, it will provide the necessary wax and herb support to your mod. Once you get the atomizer, take the cannabis that you get and make sure that you grind it real good. Then, fill the atomizer cup with ground weed and make sure that you pack it up loosely enough to let the air go through the weed. Occasionally, remix and steer the weed to avoid any burning and avoid putting whole buds in the cap.

Other forms of cannabis

Vape with a modThe intensity of packing depends on the mod design but most of the time, packing it as tightly as you can, would be the most recommended way. The better you pack it, the more equally it will heat up, giving you the best vaping experience. When it comes to how to vape weed using your simple mod, there is not much more to it really than what we already mentioned. If you are vaping any other form of weed like cannabis liquid or wax, the method is pretty much the same but it all depends on what kind of a mod you actually have.

Conduction based mods are good for wax and liquid cannabis can be used in pretty much any typical vaping device. More or less, that is all there is to it. You can easily turn your mod into a vaporizer but if you really want to get the best vaping experience, the most recommended thing would be to go with a bit more advanced solution like a real vaporizer because the difference is significant.

How to make a homemade vaporizer for weed

How to make a homemade vaporizer for weed

With all the ongoing controversy regarding what is healthier, smoking or vaping weed, many agreed that vaping is much healthier and better in every term. The vaporizer will give you a much healthier method to use your favorite herb while giving you the possibility to use the full potential of cannabis in the best way possible. In comparison to smoking, vaping is healthier because there is no combustion which causes lung irritation and it is, therefore, a much smoother way of getting high.

VapingInhaling vapor provides almost no lung irritation while the effect is much better and smoother. When you use the vaporizer, you can mitigate a harsh cough that is usually the result of smoking. So, all of these are more than good reasons why you should make your very own homemade vaporizer. It is possible to put the most basic and common household items to a good use in order to engineer your own vaping device.

Homemade vaporizers are cheap and extremely easy to make while giving you a much better cannabis experience that smoking could ever possibly give you. Before we start explaining how it is done, there is one more good to know information. The vaporizers are good because they give you the ability to use the active cannabis ingredients because they use heat.

Because of that heat, the weed does not get burnt up but rather heated up which helps with the releasing of the active cannabis ingredients that can boost your health in numerous ways as well as your getting high experience.

The vapor that comes as a direct product of that heating process is much smoother and rich in texture and taste while avoiding all the harmful effects of smoking such as burning the esophagus and the throat and lung damage. The effects of vaping are way more pleasurable than smoking and there is a significantly less coughing if any at all.

The most common methods

There are two most common ways to make a homemade vaporizer, using a mason jar or a lightbulb. All that is needed are the basic elements such as a heating element, two tubular items for ventilation and inhalation, something sharp that you can use for cutting and a sealable container or any sort of a unit that supports heating.

Even though both methods are pretty easy to take on, a lightbulb method requires less preparation and is much better for an individual user whereas the mason jar method is more suitable for groups. If you decide to go with the mason jar method, you will probably have to go to a hardware store. We will start with the lightbulb method.

The lightbulb method

First, take the sharp object, like a knife, and cut off the end of the lightbulb. While you are at it, make sure that you remove all the glass at the bottom and make the edges smooth. Remove the lightbulb filament but watch out cause that can be tricky. The best way to do it would be with the pliers. Now, you need to take a bottle cap, the plastic one would be the best and make two holes using the knife in the top of the cap.

Insert two pen tubes or straws into the holes and use duct tape to secure them in place. Now, take the cap and screw it onto the lightbulb. Use one of the straws or tubes to inhale the vapor and you are good to go. Just fill the empty lightbulb with ground weed and use a candle or a lighter to heat it up. Be careful not to burn yourself or drop and break the lightbulb. Also, don’t inhale too hard to avoid the weed from flying around in the bulb and make the best of your first very own homemade vaping experience.

Most experienced weed users would agree that this method is the easiest way to make a homemade vaporizer using nothing but the most regular home items that any household has for sure. You can even improve the overall experience by getting a lightbulb holder for even more convenience. When it comes to the most affordable homemade vaporizer solutions, this would be the most convenient way to get the best from your vaping experience.

The mason jar method

Take a mason jar lid and a knife and cut three holes in it. Two holes will be for the hoses and the third one is for the votive candle holder. The weed intended for heating will be held in the votive. Use the duct tape to create an airtight seal by taping around the holes edges. It would be best if you have a candle holder made of glass because once you remove the candle, you will be left with a perfect glass container, just a thing that you need.

The mason jar vapeTake a thick wire and make a jar stand out of it. Using the wire, you need to make a ring around it and use the ends to make a 4 inch high stand. Take the mason jar and place it upside down onto the stand. Fill the votive with weed and place it in the cap. Gently screw it onto the jar and carefully insert the hoses. Use a candle or a lighter to heat the votive and enjoy. If there are more of you in the room, make sure that you pass it around.

In case that you want a homemade design of your own, pretty much any glass container can be turned into a vaporizer if you put a little time and effort into it. In case that something is not clear, you can easily find the videos on the Internet regarding both methods but if you really want to make your own homemade vaporizer, these two methods will give you the best results in a very short time and at more than affordable prices. The only thing left now is to enjoy the vape.

Firefly vaporizer vs Pax 2

Firefly vaporizer vs Pax 2

When it comes to comparing Pax 2 with the Firefly 2, it is safe to say that both vaporizers will offer nothing but great qualities and an excellent vaping experience. Although there are a few differences between them, you will not go wrong if you choose to go with any of the aforementioned.

Firefly vs PaxThe first thing all of you vapers should know is that the old generation Firefly is no longer being manufactured and instead of it, there is a new force out there called the Firefly 2. Many who used Firefly know that this vaporizer offers great vapor quality and production.

On the other hand, the Pax 2 is known as one of the most consistent, lightest and smallest vaporizers that you can buy. Many agreed that the Pax 2 is a much better version of the original Pax, bringing a lot of good and useful improvements regarding maintenance and cleaning aspects. Even though Pax vaporizers is known as a leading force in the world of vaping, the Firefly is a worthy enough contender to take that place.

It might have something to do with the fact that the Firefly is the only portable vaporizer with pure convection out there and the users stick to that. When you mention the Firefly to them they only think about two things, the size and vapor quality.

The differences

Coming with the stainless steel unit, the Firefly 2 is all about the highest vapor quality and excellent design. It is very pocketable and simply perfect for any occasions and situations when you simply need a vape. Despite the fact that both vaporizers offer the ultimate vaping experience, there are some little differences that might affect the quality of that experience.

The most obvious difference is in the size with the Firefly being definitely bigger. The next one is the difference in weight where Pax 2 is slightly lighter and similar to Pax 3. Still, these are all really just aesthetics but the truth is, you won’t even feel the Pax 2 in your pocket. Then, there is a difference in the design, where the Pax 2 has numerous advantages.

The Firefly has no USB charging whereas the Pax 2 has that possibility but the Firefly battery is replaceable which is not the case with the Pax 2. Other than these differences, it’s pretty much the same with both vaporizers when it comes to vapor paths, heating elements and the chambers.

The best way to clean crafty vaporizer

The best way to clean crafty vaporizer

The best way to clean your crafty vaporizer would be after each session. That would be the most recommended to avoid gunk piling up in the vaping unit and also to keep your vapor tasting fresh each time you feel like vaping. If you clean it often enough, both your upper screen and the chamber, you can easily prolong the life of your vaporizer while getting the highest quality vaping experience each time.

You get a special brush with the vaporizer for such occasions and it is the best to clean it after each session so that you keep your vaporizer gunk free. Cleaning also improves the taste, keeping it fresh. The top piece of the vaporizer is detachable and it can come apart into smaller pieces which makes cleaning process much easier.

After each session, there are a lot of herb particles that get left behind and after a while, these get to pile up which makes vaping harder and the taste tends to change because of all the gunk. Cleaning all the crannies and nooks will help you to prevent that from happening. Keeping your unit fresh every now and then will only add to your overall experience and it is not hard to do it at all.

The fastest option

Crafty VaporizerThe easiest and fastest way to clean your cooling unit would be soaking the unit parts in isopropyl but many would disagree about this because the soaking alone will not clean all the residue so you will need to do it manually. If you still decide to go with iso, the recommended time would be to keep all the parts soaked for 30 minutes.

The important thing is to do this right after you finish your vaping sessions, while the vape is warm, it helps to remove the residue more efficiently. Prepare some cotton swabs, paper towels, one soaked in water and one dry and something similar to a toothpick or anything pointy. The rest that you need, you get with the vaporizer kit.

Simply, take the top cooling unit part and brush out the herb chamber, and use cotton swabs and alcohol to clean the pieces of the cooling unit. A good thing about these cooling unit pieces is that they are pretty affordable so if anything goes wrong you can easily replace them. Put the vaporizer back together and enjoy the vape.

How to use g pen herbal vaporizer ?

How to use g pen herbal vaporizer ?

Herbal vaporizers have become very popular among the cannabis connoisseurs who tend to use the safest methods for inhaling weed. Since vaporizers became available for selling in the headshops, a lot of types of these vaporizers emerged on the market. Some of them are not that good, while some of them have the genuine background, like for example G Pen. G Pen’s reputation is backed up by Snoop Dogg who advertised this smoking accessory and made it very popular worldwide. We will write in this article on how to use this g pen vaporizer so stay tuned if you haven’t had any experience with vaporizers.

What is a G Pen?

G PenThis is exclusively designed dry herb vaporizer which was designed by Snoop Dogg. This G Pen is made of three main parts: a portable Lithium battery that you charge in USB 2.0 charger, the heating chamber where you put your herbs and the heating element. Other parts include steel mesh filter that is connected to the cover of the heating chamber which also keeps herb inside the chamber while you are pulling the hit from the pen; the spring that keeps the herb at the bottom of the heating chamber.

Tutorial for using g pen herbal vaporizer

The pen is activated by pressing on/off button 5 times consecutively. This is a safety measure – if your pen is in your pocket, its button could be accidentally pressed and that could lead to serious problems.

  1. First of all, make sure that the pen is turned off so you can load your herbs. Now, pull off the mouthpiece from the battery and twist the chamber counterclockwise;
  2. Be careful to unscrew everything and not damage any parts;
  3. Remove the cap of the chamber and load your herbs. Do not pack it full – at least half of the chamber must be empty;
  4. Put back the cap and twist it clockwise before attaching the mouthpiece;
  5. Turn on the vaporizer (by pressing 5 times on/off button quickly);
  6. Place the mouthpiece in your mouth, while pressing and holding the button, and take hits;
  7. Once the vapor starts smelling like popcorn that is burnt, refill the chamber and take another round of hits;
  8. Repeat!

How to clean my pax vaporizer?

How to clean my pax vaporizer?

Cannabis industry has made serious steps in terms of its use, merchandise related to it and smoking. Since many people don’t like the odour that can be very pungent in some strains, the technology experts came up with a great advantage – they have invented the vaporizers.  As the big time vaporizer users, we wanted to show you how to clean your vaporizer and keep its performance at the highest level so you could continue with your blazing.

You are going to need:

-A package of mouthpiece lubricant

-91% rubbing alcohol

-Inter-dental brush

-WD-40 spray can

-Pipe cleaner

-A tiny piece of harder plastic

What do you need to clean?

You need to clean the mouthpiece area first and inside of this area and then you need to clean the oven. Turn the vaporizer on and pull out the mouthpiece. Grab the brush, put a little bit of alcohol on it (no dripping off!) Now, you need to go around the tubing as well as inside – this is why we need this dental brush so we could clean inside the tubing. There is probably a considerable amount of residue inside, which can disrupt the vaporizer’s performance so that is why we want to scrub everything out.

Now, we use pipe cleaner. Moist the end of it with some alcohol (again no dripping off) and put it inside the mouthpiece and clean it. Now take some paper towel and wipe the mouthpiece to dry it. Now we have cleaned the mouthpiece and we are moving to the second part.

Take the bottom of oven cover off and pull it off. Now, soak your pipe cleaner in rubbing alcohol (no dripping) and stick it down the vaporizer. If your screen won’t pop out by using pipe cleaner that is going down the vaporizer,  try using a piece of harder plastic to pull it out. Scrub the inside until you remove the residue. Scrub, soak and clean – until you remove the residue. Note that it very hard to remove everything; at least remove the big lumps of residue that affect the overall performance of the vaporizer.

Clean the screen

Pax VaporizerNow, we need to clean a screen that is inside. Some people suggest that you could just buy a new net/screen which is far easier. If you want to keep the old one, soak it in alcohol and scrub it gently to remove residue. Remember to dry it before putting it back. Now clean the lid that covers the oven since it can be full of residue sometimes. Soak your Q-tip with rubbing alcohol and rub the cover until is clean. Also, dry it off before you put it back.

Your vaporizer is clean and ready to burn more herbs! Lock and load baby!

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