How to avoid dankruptcy and still get high?

As you know, cannabis sativa or indica is a very potent plant that stimulates your mind, heals your body and opens the new doors of perceptions. Still, it is illegal in some countries and it can be very expensive in some countries. We have consulted with heavy cheefers and with our colleagues and we read many short articles on weed preservation to write a short article with great tips on preserving your weed while still getting high. Keep reading this short guide for smoking on budget and avoiding dankruptcy.

Don’t smoke doobies if you don’t have to

In case you are on the budget and still wanting to get high, you should definitely avoid joints. More than 80% of heavy cheefers reported that they smoke joints most of their time. It is one of the best ways to burn your weed but it is not convenient at all if you smoke it during a strong wind blowing. A lot of smoke is going to waste and you definitely don’t want that, especially while being on the budget. If you must do it, try rolling your stuff in regular size paper and use roach for your joint so you could smoke all of your weed, without any wasting. It might also be a good idea to visit The Eliquid Boutique and get yourself a vaporizer.

Use 4-pice grinder for collecting kief

This is obligatory for all stoners – you must use grinder that has a container for kief! It can be sometimes inconvenient to carry around your grinder, but do use it regularly when you smoke at the house. Kief you collect in your grinder over the time is the perfect choice for joints, vaporizers or bongs. You prepare weed for smoking and you save some in the grinder for later use – isn’t that cool?

Grind your weed when the stash is about to go empty

As you know, the density of nug is what counts. Sometimes can happen that the size of nug tricks you, making you think that you still enough weed for two joints. Instead, it turns out that you have barely for one doobie. During the time when your stash is about to vanish, it is the best to grind your weed so you could know how much weed you have for smoking.

Find the right strain for yourself

Indica or SativaAs you have probably learned so far, there are three types of Cannabis plant: sativa, indica and ruderalis. The third one is often hard to find but the first two are greatly available worldwide. Choose sativa strains, Hawaiian Maui Wowie for example,  for daytime use to keep your head clear and focused, and prepare indica strains (OG Kush for example) for night time and bedtime use. This way you can balance and smoke just enough bud to keep you going. You will not be stoned during the day, while you will fall asleep easier during the night.

Drink coffee and smoke a spliff

It is scientifically proven that coffee extends the time of cannabis effects. There is nothing better that rolling a fat-ass joint, smoking it at your balcony while drinking a cup of good coffee. So try to remmebr to drink coffee next time you spark an L.

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