How to clean my pax vaporizer?

Cannabis industry has made serious steps in terms of its use, merchandise related to it and smoking. Since many people don’t like the odour that can be very pungent in some strains, the technology experts came up with a great advantage – they have invented the vaporizers.  As the big time vaporizer users, we wanted to show you how to clean your vaporizer and keep its performance at the highest level so you could continue with your blazing.

You are going to need:

-A package of mouthpiece lubricant

-91% rubbing alcohol

-Inter-dental brush

-WD-40 spray can

-Pipe cleaner

-A tiny piece of harder plastic

What do you need to clean?

You need to clean the mouthpiece area first and inside of this area and then you need to clean the oven. Turn the vaporizer on and pull out the mouthpiece. Grab the brush, put a little bit of alcohol on it (no dripping off!) Now, you need to go around the tubing as well as inside – this is why we need this dental brush so we could clean inside the tubing. There is probably a considerable amount of residue inside, which can disrupt the vaporizer’s performance so that is why we want to scrub everything out.

Now, we use pipe cleaner. Moist the end of it with some alcohol (again no dripping off) and put it inside the mouthpiece and clean it. Now take some paper towel and wipe the mouthpiece to dry it. Now we have cleaned the mouthpiece and we are moving to the second part.

Take the bottom of oven cover off and pull it off. Now, soak your pipe cleaner in rubbing alcohol (no dripping) and stick it down the vaporizer. If your screen won’t pop out by using pipe cleaner that is going down the vaporizer,  try using a piece of harder plastic to pull it out. Scrub the inside until you remove the residue. Scrub, soak and clean – until you remove the residue. Note that it very hard to remove everything; at least remove the big lumps of residue that affect the overall performance of the vaporizer.

Clean the screen

Pax VaporizerNow, we need to clean a screen that is inside. Some people suggest that you could just buy a new net/screen which is far easier. If you want to keep the old one, soak it in alcohol and scrub it gently to remove residue. Remember to dry it before putting it back. Now clean the lid that covers the oven since it can be full of residue sometimes. Soak your Q-tip with rubbing alcohol and rub the cover until is clean. Also, dry it off before you put it back.

Your vaporizer is clean and ready to burn more herbs! Lock and load baby!

Post Author: Jina Carter

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