How to Make a Dry Herb Vaporizer

There are many ways to make a dry herb vaporizer. As of late, many stoners have been into how to make their own homemade vaporizers simply because vaping is much better than smoking, not to mention that it is much healthier as well. Instead of buying a vaping pen, you can easily make a dry herb vaporizer on your own. The reason for doing this can be the most obvious one.

Homemade Dry Herb VaporizerVaporizers tend to be pretty expensive so if you are not into wasting your money, you can save your cash by making your very own dry herb vaporizer. It will be fun and a real challenge but once you go through it, you can share that experience with your friends. Before you begin, you will need to prepare dry herb vaporizer parts that you will need during the assembling process.

You will need a duct tape, a knife, something tubical like a tube or a pen or a straw, a bottle cap and a light bulb. Once you acquire those parts, you can move on to the vaporizer assembly part. Cut off the tip of the lightbulb using a knife and make sure that you do it gently to avoid breaking the glass and cutting yourself. Once you get done with it, remove the lightbulb filament and glass parts, if there are any.

Quick and easy way to make a diy vaporizer

The lightbulb needs to be empty inside completely. Take a tubing, cut off the top for the increased airflow and take a bottle cap. Make a hole wide enough to put the tubing through it. You will use this tube for the inhalation but you need to make one more for the ventilation as well. In order for the vaping experience to go smoothly, you need to provide a carb for the air exchange.

For the first time, don’t overfill the cap with weed but rather pack a little one just for testing. It is very important to make sure that the weed is finely and evenly ground. The best thing to do is use a weed grinder for the finest dry herb powder that provides the best vaping experience. Put a lightbulb close to a consistent flame and start vaping with style. It is also important that you move the lightbulb while heating to prevent the weed from burning.

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