How to make a homemade vaporizer for weed

With all the ongoing controversy regarding what is healthier, smoking or vaping weed, many agreed that vaping is much healthier and better in every term. The vaporizer will give you a much healthier method to use your favorite herb while giving you the possibility to use the full potential of cannabis in the best way possible. In comparison to smoking, vaping is healthier because there is no combustion which causes lung irritation and it is, therefore, a much smoother way of getting high.

VapingInhaling vapor provides almost no lung irritation while the effect is much better and smoother. When you use the vaporizer, you can mitigate a harsh cough that is usually the result of smoking. So, all of these are more than good reasons why you should make your very own homemade vaporizer. It is possible to put the most basic and common household items to a good use in order to engineer your own vaping device.

Homemade vaporizers are cheap and extremely easy to make while giving you a much better cannabis experience that smoking could ever possibly give you. Before we start explaining how it is done, there is one more good to know information. The vaporizers are good because they give you the ability to use the active cannabis ingredients because they use heat.

Because of that heat, the weed does not get burnt up but rather heated up which helps with the releasing of the active cannabis ingredients that can boost your health in numerous ways as well as your getting high experience.

The vapor that comes as a direct product of that heating process is much smoother and rich in texture and taste while avoiding all the harmful effects of smoking such as burning the esophagus and the throat and lung damage. The effects of vaping are way more pleasurable than smoking and there is a significantly less coughing if any at all.

The most common methods

There are two most common ways to make a homemade vaporizer, using a mason jar or a lightbulb. All that is needed are the basic elements such as a heating element, two tubular items for ventilation and inhalation, something sharp that you can use for cutting and a sealable container or any sort of a unit that supports heating.

Even though both methods are pretty easy to take on, a lightbulb method requires less preparation and is much better for an individual user whereas the mason jar method is more suitable for groups. If you decide to go with the mason jar method, you will probably have to go to a hardware store. We will start with the lightbulb method.

The lightbulb method

First, take the sharp object, like a knife, and cut off the end of the lightbulb. While you are at it, make sure that you remove all the glass at the bottom and make the edges smooth. Remove the lightbulb filament but watch out cause that can be tricky. The best way to do it would be with the pliers. Now, you need to take a bottle cap, the plastic one would be the best and make two holes using the knife in the top of the cap.

Insert two pen tubes or straws into the holes and use duct tape to secure them in place. Now, take the cap and screw it onto the lightbulb. Use one of the straws or tubes to inhale the vapor and you are good to go. Just fill the empty lightbulb with ground weed and use a candle or a lighter to heat it up. Be careful not to burn yourself or drop and break the lightbulb. Also, don’t inhale too hard to avoid the weed from flying around in the bulb and make the best of your first very own homemade vaping experience.

Most experienced weed users would agree that this method is the easiest way to make a homemade vaporizer using nothing but the most regular home items that any household has for sure. You can even improve the overall experience by getting a lightbulb holder for even more convenience. When it comes to the most affordable homemade vaporizer solutions, this would be the most convenient way to get the best from your vaping experience.

The mason jar method

Take a mason jar lid and a knife and cut three holes in it. Two holes will be for the hoses and the third one is for the votive candle holder. The weed intended for heating will be held in the votive. Use the duct tape to create an airtight seal by taping around the holes edges. It would be best if you have a candle holder made of glass because once you remove the candle, you will be left with a perfect glass container, just a thing that you need.

The mason jar vapeTake a thick wire and make a jar stand out of it. Using the wire, you need to make a ring around it and use the ends to make a 4 inch high stand. Take the mason jar and place it upside down onto the stand. Fill the votive with weed and place it in the cap. Gently screw it onto the jar and carefully insert the hoses. Use a candle or a lighter to heat the votive and enjoy. If there are more of you in the room, make sure that you pass it around.

In case that you want a homemade design of your own, pretty much any glass container can be turned into a vaporizer if you put a little time and effort into it. In case that something is not clear, you can easily find the videos on the Internet regarding both methods but if you really want to make your own homemade vaporizer, these two methods will give you the best results in a very short time and at more than affordable prices. The only thing left now is to enjoy the vape.

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