How to make pot oil for vaporizer

A lot of stoners are getting into pot oil simply because it provides a much better experience while giving numerous health benefits on top of everything. With this in mind, many of them are interested in finding out how to make their own pot oil that they can use with their vaporizer for the finest and highest quality vaping experience.

Well, making your own vape juice is interesting and fun while you are ensuring that you get the best oil quality that you possibly can. Pot oil is known to be costly and expensive and also hard to find. All that becomes completely irrelevant when you take the fact that it is absolutely worth it. So, if you are interested in getting the best vape pleasure ever, here is how to make your own pot oil. The quality of the necessary ingredients is of the utmost importance.

You will need a baking sheet of aluminum foil, high proof grain alcohol, propylene glycol, a large boiling pot, mason jars large enough, cheese cloth and of course the highest quality bud you can provide. Make sure that you wear rubber gloves because the process could harm your skin. Chop your buds equally and evenly.

The steps of the process

You need to decarboxylate the weed and you can do that by putting the ground weed in the bowl and then putting it in the oven at 250 degrees F for about 15 minutes. If you don’t have the bowl, use a baking sheet or aluminum foil to do the same. Take out the crispy weed and put it in the mason jar. Pour the alcohol in and make sure that the weed is submerged in it.

Add some water to the pot and then place the jar Pot Oilinside the pot directly. You need to boil the water while constantly stirring the bud. Boil it to a low boil because it will make the excess alcohol evaporate. Once the buds get dark, turn off the stove and remove the pot for cooling. Use the cheese cloth for filtering out plant fibers from the newly boiled oil.

Here is where you will need a second mason jar because you will place the cheese cloth over the top of it and then pour the boiled bud into the fresh jar. If your buds are all wet and saturated, you are doing it right. Wrap them in a cloth and squeeze as hard as you can to make sure you get each and every single drop out of it. Take the jar and put it back inside the pot and add Propylene glycol. Use a syringe to remove the liquid. Take your vaporizer for pot and enjoy.

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