How to use g pen herbal vaporizer ?

Herbal vaporizers have become very popular among the cannabis connoisseurs who tend to use the safest methods for inhaling weed. Since vaporizers became available for selling in the headshops, a lot of types of these vaporizers emerged on the market. Some of them are not that good, while some of them have the genuine background, like for example G Pen. G Pen’s reputation is backed up by Snoop Dogg who advertised this smoking accessory and made it very popular worldwide. We will write in this article on how to use this g pen vaporizer so stay tuned if you haven’t had any experience with vaporizers.

What is a G Pen?

G PenThis is exclusively designed dry herb vaporizer which was designed by Snoop Dogg. This G Pen is made of three main parts: a portable Lithium battery that you charge in USB 2.0 charger, the heating chamber where you put your herbs and the heating element. Other parts include steel mesh filter that is connected to the cover of the heating chamber which also keeps herb inside the chamber while you are pulling the hit from the pen; the spring that keeps the herb at the bottom of the heating chamber.

Tutorial for using g pen herbal vaporizer

The pen is activated by pressing on/off button 5 times consecutively. This is a safety measure – if your pen is in your pocket, its button could be accidentally pressed and that could lead to serious problems.

  1. First of all, make sure that the pen is turned off so you can load your herbs. Now, pull off the mouthpiece from the battery and twist the chamber counterclockwise;
  2. Be careful to unscrew everything and not damage any parts;
  3. Remove the cap of the chamber and load your herbs. Do not pack it full – at least half of the chamber must be empty;
  4. Put back the cap and twist it clockwise before attaching the mouthpiece;
  5. Turn on the vaporizer (by pressing 5 times on/off button quickly);
  6. Place the mouthpiece in your mouth, while pressing and holding the button, and take hits;
  7. Once the vapor starts smelling like popcorn that is burnt, refill the chamber and take another round of hits;
  8. Repeat!

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