How to vape weed with a mod

In case that you didn’t know, it is absolutely possible to use your vape mod for vaping weed and the results are more than good. You can use a mod for vaping both wax and solids. Any mod that supports temperature control will fit just fine for the task. The only thing that you will be needing for vaping with a mod is a specialized wax and dry herb atomizer. Take the mod connector and screw the atomizer on it.

Although the experience won’t be optimal simply because the atomizer is not that advanced, it will provide the necessary wax and herb support to your mod. Once you get the atomizer, take the cannabis that you get and make sure that you grind it real good. Then, fill the atomizer cup with ground weed and make sure that you pack it up loosely enough to let the air go through the weed. Occasionally, remix and steer the weed to avoid any burning and avoid putting whole buds in the cap.

Other forms of cannabis

Vape with a modThe intensity of packing depends on the mod design but most of the time, packing it as tightly as you can, would be the most recommended way. The better you pack it, the more equally it will heat up, giving you the best vaping experience. When it comes to how to vape weed using your simple mod, there is not much more to it really than what we already mentioned. If you are vaping any other form of weed like cannabis liquid or wax, the method is pretty much the same but it all depends on what kind of a mod you actually have.

Conduction based mods are good for wax and liquid cannabis can be used in pretty much any typical vaping device. More or less, that is all there is to it. You can easily turn your mod into a vaporizer but if you really want to get the best vaping experience, the most recommended thing would be to go with a bit more advanced solution like a real vaporizer because the difference is significant.

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