The best way to clean crafty vaporizer

The best way to clean your crafty vaporizer would be after each session. That would be the most recommended to avoid gunk piling up in the vaping unit and also to keep your vapor tasting fresh each time you feel like vaping. If you clean it often enough, both your upper screen and the chamber, you can easily prolong the life of your vaporizer while getting the highest quality vaping experience each time.

You get a special brush with the vaporizer for such occasions and it is the best to clean it after each session so that you keep your vaporizer gunk free. Cleaning also improves the taste, keeping it fresh. The top piece of the vaporizer is detachable and it can come apart into smaller pieces which makes cleaning process much easier.

After each session, there are a lot of herb particles that get left behind and after a while, these get to pile up which makes vaping harder and the taste tends to change because of all the gunk. Cleaning all the crannies and nooks will help you to prevent that from happening. Keeping your unit fresh every now and then will only add to your overall experience and it is not hard to do it at all.

The fastest option

Crafty VaporizerThe easiest and fastest way to clean your cooling unit would be soaking the unit parts in isopropyl but many would disagree about this because the soaking alone will not clean all the residue so you will need to do it manually. If you still decide to go with iso, the recommended time would be to keep all the parts soaked for 30 minutes.

The important thing is to do this right after you finish your vaping sessions, while the vape is warm, it helps to remove the residue more efficiently. Prepare some cotton swabs, paper towels, one soaked in water and one dry and something similar to a toothpick or anything pointy. The rest that you need, you get with the vaporizer kit.

Simply, take the top cooling unit part and brush out the herb chamber, and use cotton swabs and alcohol to clean the pieces of the cooling unit. A good thing about these cooling unit pieces is that they are pretty affordable so if anything goes wrong you can easily replace them. Put the vaporizer back together and enjoy the vape.

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